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Non-fiction books


My academic book The Purpose of Futility: writing World War I, Australian style was published by UWA Scholarly in 2015. The result of my PhD studies, this book outlines Australian novels of WWI and shows how they differ from the canonical stories such as those written by Hemingway, Graves and Brittain.




I have also co-authored three study guides to help students make the transition from high school to university. Published by Allen & Unwin, these books demystify uni:

I’ve published some study advice for tertiary students too, such as ‘Slow death of a green balloon: the diary of one PhD examination’ (Plane Tree, 18:2, pp. 24-27), and ‘Multi-crashing: the graduate student’s guide to balancing work and study’ (Plane Tree, 18:1, pp. 30-33.)



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