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Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger, writer

author photo Chrystyna Lucyk Berger

Chrystyna LUCYK-BERGER is the author of the award-winning series, RESCHEN VALLEY: After the end of the Great War, a new conflict begins in Europe.

When Austria’s Tyrolean province is split in two, the southern half is annexed by Italy. Two families cross paths: the Thalers, a Tyrolean farming family, and the Grimanis, an Italian family involved in developing Italy’s new industrial era. Both sides must make their way through a labyrinth of corruption, prejudice and greed. When the fascists reveal plans to build a huge reservoir in the Thalers’ valley, they and their community face oppression and land seizures. Each family must decide where their loyalties lie and at what price they will protect what is theirs.

Lucyk-Berger is an American ex-pat living in western Austria. She has earned recognition and won several awards for her flash fiction, short stories, and excerpts. A former magazine editor, Chrystyna jumped the desk to pursue her writing and travelling career.

She writes under the imprint Inktreks, “where the journeys lead to stories and the stories lead to journeys.” Lucyk-Berger’s natural storytelling skill and her innate curiosity about how the past shapes our present have formed her into a historical fiction writer.

On her way to visit Italy, Lucyk-Berger drove over the Reschen Pass between Austria and Italy and uncovered the mysteries beneath the Reschen Lake Reservoir. Now she brings that story to you in the Reschen Valley series.

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