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Three novels by Clare Rhoden: The Pale, Broad Plain Darkening, The Stars in the Night

In The Pale, orphaned Hector is rescued from the Outside by the humachines of the massive post-apocalyptic city. As Hector grows more and more human, the Pale’s citizens begin to distrust him. What will happen as more creatures from the Outside try to get in? Read a sample here.


In the second instalment, Broad Plain Darkening, the wolf-dog canini pack saves Hector and the abandoned human twins. Together they work with the tribesfolk and settlers to survive in a land where the Pale’s humachines control most of the resources. See the full list of characters here.


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***Watch out for the third book in the Pale trilogy, coming in 2019.***

Clare’s WWI novel, The Stars in the Night, tells the story of Harry Fletcher and his love for Nora, and how the ‘war to end all wars’ affects their lives. Read the blurb here.

The Stars in the Night

The Stars in the Night new WWI novel

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