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“I would recommend The Pale for any dystopian science-fiction lovers over 15 years.”

Reviewed by Katie Mineeff

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“thought-provoking commentary on our world today”

“The sign of good speculative fiction is that you can not only read it for the page-turning story and characters you will come to love and loathe, but also for the way it makes you think about issues relevant to your own world. Clare Rhoden captures both aspects excellently with this great read about a post-apocalyptic world and the four communities within it.”

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“Not to be missed”

“This is an auspicious debut from Rhoden in the popular fiction stakes.

Rhoden’s tale is metaphorical, but can be read on a number of levels. One might imagine that the seismic change precipitated by the conflagration is used by the author to alert the reader to the dangers of complacency regarding climate change, perpetual wars, the deleterious effects of exclusion and the need to preserve the cultural legacy of our race for future generations.

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Auspicious debut novel

“A gripping tale of resilience, survival, and how we define the ‘other’ – this is intelligent SF that speaks to our time”

Jennifer Mills, fiction editor at Overland journal

The illustration by Jo Waite is from Overland 215, Winter 2014, and accompanied the publication of the first short story from the world of The Pale.

A gripping tale … intelligent SF