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Happy to see The Ruined Land!

We are complete. We are happy. (Maybe we should question why a dystopian sci-fi series makes us happy … but that is a conundrum for another day …)

Chronicles of the Pale 3: The Ruined Land is is now available for preorder!

Preorder Here


The Ruined Land:

Where do you run when your world collapses?
Exiled from the Pale, humachine Hector has found a home with the tribes Outside.
Or has he?
While the canini struggle to care for the human twins, Feather travels Broad Plain to reunite them with their father. But his own family is scattered as the Pale sends out its terrifying army and the land itself buckles beneath them.
Can anyone survive the ruination of the land?
In this gripping conclusion to the Chronicles of the Pale, the citizens of the mighty Pale have as much to lose as the communities of the Outside.
Click on the link below to read a sample!

Read a sample of The Ruined Land here

Read the latest review of Chronicles of the Pale #2: Broad Plain Darkening: “Clare Rhoden writes with deep insight … surviving on Broad Plain is grim, but this is a warm heart of a story, with inter-species cooperation and care.”

Chronicles of the Pale by Clare Rhoden

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