Hello! I’m Clare Rhoden, author of stories: science fiction, fantasy and historical.

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The Chronicles of the Pale
The Chronicles of the Pale, Books 1-3

“The world-building, the characters, the plot, the writing…I can rave about all of this, all day long. Clare Rhoden is a magnificent writer, and I can’t wait to read more from her.” Jessica Belmont Book Reviews 

The Chronicle of the Pale #1: The Pale

The Outside can be a dangerous place. But so can the inside. What will happen when the Outside tries to get in?

The Chronicles of the Pale #2: Broad Plain Darkening

The safe world of the Pale is under threat. How can anyone survive as the land shifts underneath them?

The Chronicles of the Pale #3: The Ruined Land

Where do you run when your world collapses? In this gripping conclusion to the Chronicles of the Pale, the citizens of the mighty Pale have as much to lose as the communities of the Outside. 


“The Stars In The Night is an emotional and beautifully written reminder of a war that should never be forgotten.” Literary Flits Book Reviews

“This is the smoothest, most unpretentious and laid-bare engaging war story I have read in a long time. Rhoden is a master storyteller, displaying insight, restraint and empathy.” Isobel Blackthorn, author of The Drago Tree

The Stars in the Night

Harry has plans: to marry Nora and look after his brother Eddie.
Only the War to EndAll War might get in the way.


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