Art Cats Rule

Here are the three wonderful winning entires of the collaborative art competition with Art Academica. Magical Cats for the win! Our amazing young artists based their works on the characters from How to Survive Your Magical Family. Purrfect!

Let’s take a look!

Online Art Magician Winner

Tenner and her kittens: Pink, Wart, Footie, and Littlest. By Adelyn
Tenner and her kittens: Pink, Wart, Footsie, and Littlest. By Adelyn

Digital Art Magician Winner

Black cat in procreate digital art
Procreate prowess – a truly magical cat by Allegra

Teenage Art Magician Winner

Cat in magician's hat reading a book
Pure magic on paper created by Masha combines art and story in a brilliant combination

Thank You

To all the young artists who participated in the paw-some contest. The works you created bring the characters to life. I’m in awe of your artistic vision. Art is magic too: you’ve made something wonderful that never existed before.

And thanks to Art Academica for sharing this wonderful collaboration. I’m looking forward to more opportunities in the future.

PS Keep an eye out for my next blog post, where I’ll show off more of the entries to this wonderful competition!