Dystopian science fiction with heart, soul, and talking wolf-dogs…


Enter the world of the Pale, where augmented humachines dominate the post-apocalyptic world, safe inside their massive city the Pale. Across the continent, the agrarian community of the Settlement tries to make a good life for their precious children. Meanwhile, in the Outside, the thoughtful tribes live on the land as lightly as they can, along with the intelligent canini and the remnant species.



All of them fear the rampant ferals, nightmare half-robotic creatures designed specifically to kill.

When a human child fetches up at the gates of the Pale, will the humachines abandon him to the ferals? Find out!

Chronicles of the Pale 1: The Pale

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Chronicles of the Pale 2: Broad Plain Darkening

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Chronicles of the Pale 3: The Ruined Land

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