Inside the Pale

Adaeze Patraena, the Regent

Jaxon Tangshi, Senior Forecaster

Hekili, Master of the Wereguard

Hokulani, a Wereguard, Head of the Service

Teiuc, Foremost Ingeneer

Quauhtli, Chief of the Teshniks

Ailani, Head of Recycling, former paramount

Hallen, a serviceman, formerly partnered with Hector

Milo, a serviceman, former paramount

Arihi, a victualler, former paramount


The Ravine Canini

Mashtuk, a scout

Zélie, his partner

Hippolyta, leader of the ravine guard pack

Memandi, a young hunter

Mudiwa, an aged hunter

Tillie, a young hunter

Tanno, an old scout

Romulo and Remo, human infants

Aled and Mared, Hippolyta’s cubs

Niccolò and Rhosyn, Zélie’s cubs

Thestia, leader of the deep ravine pack


Travelling on Broad Plain

Feather, son of Helm of the Storm

Enis, a young canine, son of Zélie and Mashtuk

Tsendi, a young canine of Thestia’s pack, Enis’s chosen

Hector, a human-humachine, formerly of the Pale

Jarli of the Owl, an outclansman

Helm, tribesman formerly of the Storm

Callan, leader of a canini pack which hunted with the Storm

Waleen, leader of a canini pack which hunted with the Storm

Wild men, human wanderers with no tribal allegiance


Newkeep Port

Valkirra, former chief of the Settlement

Talis, her partner

Cushla, their daughter

Jasper, their son

Jana, Feather’s partner

Iver, a former councillor

Ahrenkild, a former councillor

Branimir, a former councillor

Tammas, a shepherd


The Storm

Marin, Huntmaster

Willow, his partner

Freya, daughter of Feather and Jana

Paolo, a scout


The Settlement

Brettin, Lady of the Temple

Olinna, District Councillor

Anielka, District Councillor

Jenna, a Temple acolyte

Rasti, an outcast rat terrier



Pinto, a piebald cart-gelding

Violeta, a riding mare

Sofia, an aged quarry mare

Mateo, a young foal



Élin Patraena, the previous regent (deceased)

Magda Gawelsdottir, woman of the Settlement (deceased)

Kilimanjara, former Huntmistress of the Storm (deceased)

Alia, Feather’s mother (deceased)

Kestrel, former Huntmaster of the Storm (deceased)

Tad, a serviceman of the Pale (deceased)

Jeris, a servicewoman of the Pale (recycled)

Faas, former Head of the Service (recycled)

Magnus, Callan’s brother

Aegle, a young hunter of Callan’s pack

Silver, a young relative of Callan