A stunning dystopian world with heart, soul, and hope. For readers 15+: “Progressing through the series, I was in awe of the author’s ability to handle grief and intense drama, yet bring hope, faith, loyalty and kindness into such abysmal chaos … I totally loved Chronicles of The Pale and will be raving about them … If this is where we are headed, we need to be afraid. Should I have to face it, I would only do it, if I could, with a dog by my side as my equal, and on the lookout for friends.” DoubleStacked Shelves Book Reviews

The Pale (Chronicles of the Pale #1) including postage (Australia only)

The first instalment in a thought-provoking dystopian trilogy: The Outside can be a dangerous place. But so can the inside. What happens when the Outside tries to get in? A thought-provoking dystopian novel with heart and soul.


Broad Plain Darkening (Chronicles of the Pale #2) including postage (Australia only)

In the second adventure, the safe world of the Pale is under threat. Inside the policosmos, the new Regent Adaeze strives for dominance over the all-powerful Senior Forecaster, but the Pale’s humachine citizens are unaware that their city is close to collapse. Outside on Broad Plain, the exiled human Hector undertakes a dangerous trek to find a safe haven for the orphaned twins. How can anyone survive as their world shifts underneath them? The thrilling second episode of the Chronicles of the Pale


The Ruined Land (Chronicles of the Pale #3) including postage (Australia only)

In this gripping conclusion to the Chronicles of the Pale, the citizens of the mighty Pale have as much to lose as the communities of the Outside: Exiled from the Pale, humachine Hector has found a home with the tribes Outside. Or has he? While the canini struggle to care for the human twins, Feather travels Broad Plain to reunite them with their father. But his own family is scattered as the Pale sends out its terrifying army and the land itself buckles beneath them. Can anyone survive the ruination of the land?