Clare Rhoden started writing stories as a young child and never really stopped. The author of five novels and many short stories, Clare lives in Bunurong country in the SE suburbs of Narrm (Melbourne) Australia with her husband and a highly intelligent poodle-cross called Aeryn. Clare’s writing is inspired by society, culture and the march of history, but mostly by dreams. She also LOVES studying! (See the details below!)*

Clare’s Books

Clare’s vibrant stories and accessible characters inspire hope, joy and optimism through challenging times. She loves creating vivid new worlds and then making all sorts of things happen in them. Her novels include the dystopian Chronicles of the Pale trilogy, and her WWI novel The Stars in the Night based on her PhD studies into the literature of the First World War. Her most recent publication is a middle-grade fantasy called How to Survive Your Magical Family — that’s the one with magic cats. (Watch out for the sequel!)

Short Stories

Clare’s short stories have been published in anthologies and online. Her imagination knows no bounds, stretching from sweet to devastating, from happy-ever-after to the end of everything, and from straightforward to steeped in mystery. You’ll often find a canine character in the mix. And at least one character to love.


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More about Clare

*Clare began her working life as a speech pathologist, and studied her way through a few different careers. She has a B.App.Sci (Speech Path), a B.A. (Hons), a Grad Dip (Professional Studies in Education); a PG Cert (Leadership in Education), an MA (Creative Writing), and a PhD (Creative Writing).

At times, she’s been a speechie, a study skills adviser, a university tutor, and the manager of the University of Melbourne’s Transition Program. Later, she was the head of one the University of Melbourne’s student services departments, a lecturer in English at the University of Melbourne, and an adviser with the University’s Learning Management Systems.

After all that, she became a Story Dog volunteer, a reviewer with Aurealis magazine of science fiction and fantasy, and a feature writer for the international Historical Novel Society.

She is passionate about learning and reading. And writing. Family. And dogs, of course. Plus cats. Aliens get a look in too.

You can contact her at clare(at)