How to Survive Your Magical Family

how to survive your magical family book cover
How to Survive Your Magical Family

Clare’s new fantasy novel for ages 10+ (and cat lovers of all ages) combines adventure, magic, family, talking cats, and mystery.

There’s a lot of information for cat lovers here.

How to Survive Your Magical Family book cover in three sizes
How to Survive Your Magical Family is available now

The Stars in the Night

Clare’s WWI novel, The Stars in the Night, tells the story of Harry Fletcher and his love for Nora, and how the ‘war to end all wars’ affects their lives. Read a sample here.

A heartbreaking depiction of a world at war that left me searching for the tissues…..this story will certainly stay with me for many years to come – Stacy is Reading
The Stars In The Night is an emotional and beautifully written reminder of a war that should never be forgotten – Literary Flits
Touching, effective and illuminating, this is a worthy addition to the number of books relating to the First World War – Northern Reader
This is the smoothest, most unpretentious and laid-bare engaging war story I have read in a long time. Rhoden is a master storyteller, displaying insight, restraint and empathy – Isobel Blackthorn, author of The Drago Tree
From its evocative cover, to the very last sentence, The Stars In The Night is one of those stories which stays with you long after the last page is turned – Jaffa Reads Too
A well-told, insightful and ultimately uplifting novel – Kate Murdoch, author of Stone Circle  and The Orange Grove

The Chronicles of the Pale trilogy

Inspired by world events such as the refugee crisis and climate change, The Chronicles of the Pale trilogy tells a gripping adventure of life and hope on a ruined landscape, where survivors struggle with beliefs and rules as they share scarce resources with every other living creature on the continent. *Bonus – there are talking wild-dogs!

In The Pale, orphaned Hector is rescued from the Outside by the humachines of the massive post-apocalyptic city. As Hector grows more and more human, the Pale’s citizens begin to distrust him. What will happen as more creatures from the Outside try to get in? Read a sample here.


In the second instalment, Broad Plain Darkening, the wolf-dog canini pack saves Hector and the abandoned human twins. Together they work with the tribesfolk and settlers to survive in a land where the Pale’s humachines control most of the resources. See the full list of characters here.


In the final book of the trilogy, The Ruined Land, Hector may have found a home with the tribes as they search for the baby twins. The Pale is in danger and the Regent sends out an army to bolster their resources and power. Who can survive when the world is collapsing around them? See the full list of characters here.

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