If you love cats, this page is for you.

If you love cats, you’ll find lots of good links here. And please send me any I’ve missed.

To celebrate my new novel How to Survive Your Magical Family  (which features cats – everyday cats and MAGIC CATS), I’m sharing my favourite Cat World Links.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

*Featured image by Sa Ka from Pixabay 

2022’s best video game: STRAY

STRAY: Lost, alone and separated from family, a stray cat must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten city. This is a puzzle-themed, third-person game with awesome art and the protagonist is a cat! Great music too.

If you love cats, you’ll find this game hard to resist.

Other Video Games for Cat Lovers

The Gamer has curated a good list of these, up to 2019.


The Cat Lovers Show 2023

If you love cats, you possibly already know about the Cat Show. Melbourne will host a show just for cat people (and cats) in June 2023. 

About the Show

Movies for Cat Lovers

Here’s the IMDB link to the most popular movies for cat lovers. Do you agree with their choices?

My favourite is still The Aristocats but now I really want to watch The Cat From Outer Space.

The Cat from Outer Space movie poster
The Cat from Outer Space movie poster

If you love cats, you’ll agree with me that what we need is more movies about cats.


Gifts for Cat Lovers

If you love cats – or you know someone who does – you might like to check out these cat-related gifts.

Personally, I crave this wonderful cat print

But there are many more cat-cool gifts at Hard to Find.

how to survive your magical family book cover
How to Survive Your Magical Family

And there’s always (ahem) this new book, suitable for 10+ readers and for cat lovers of all ages

How to Survive Your Magical Family



Guide to Cat Breeds

For people who love cats, there’s a lot of information about your favourite creatures at the Catalogical website:


The Ultimate Guide To Different Cat Breeds (100+ Feline Breeds)

Magic Cats in the Ancient World

This site was very helpful as I was bringing together all the different strands of magic and magic cats in How to Survive Your Magical Family

Magical Cats: Ancient History, Folklore, & Cats As the Witch’s Familiar

Cat Divinities

And finally, a link to Divine Cats. It’s no secret that cats hold a special place in the natural world, and the supernatural world. And as we know, magic is part of nature.

Check out the list at Caster:

6 Cat Gods & Cat Goddesses From Ancient Cultures