Here’s the teaser blurb we sent to publishers.*

From the Waste Land: a collection of original speculative fiction celebrating the centenary of TS Eliot’s The Waste Land (1922)

A  bionic archaeologist investigates the disaster on the planet Orpheus. A soldier bows under the weight of a bargain made with an evil god. A team of desperate survivors search one of Saturn’s moons for water. A dirigible circus berths at Big Ben over the Thames-that-was. A young woman keeps a group of orphans safe over the winter, aided by the ghost of a housekeeper. A prophet brings his truth to survivors in the wilderness, underestimating his canny disciple. A fighter seeks her mate on the ruined ground of the battlefield, accompanied by the spirit of the woman who loved them both.  A fierce storm washes a strange object ashore near the ruins of an algae farm.  A child turns to death in answer to her father’s betrayal.

We also sent a 30,000 word sampler of the stories in progress for From the Waste Land. I hope the blurb excites you! I’m sure you want to read all these stories, right? And there are more coming, so this blurb will grow.

Making good progress on the journey

I can’t wait to see From the Waste Land in print. How about you?


*I’m thrilled to say that we have secured a publisher for this project, but more about that later.