How to Survive Your Magical Family: a new fantasy novel from Clare Rhoden, with all the loveable characters, neat plot twists and wrap-around world-building you’ve come to expect. Published by Odyssey Books, where books are an adventure!

And magic cats!

Katerina, the missing arch-cat, known as Katkin. Image by The Creative Circle from Pixabay

How To Survive Your Magical Family

Toby’s family is not an ordinary family.
They are magical, talented, and special.

Toby’s father is a twin and works at the hospital. His older sister is a trainee lawyer. But his dad is also a renowned wizard, as is his uncle, and his sister can influence people. His mum was special too, but she had to leave…

Toby isn’t any of those things. The only special thing he can do is pretty useless. Toby can talk with cats.

maine coon cat
Arch-cat Flax belongs to Toby’s dad. Photo by by Beate Felten-Leidel from Pixabay

When Toby and his sister rescue a family of abandoned cats on the side of the road and Toby spots a mysterious silver bangle in the gutter, everything changes.


Mia is Toby’s best friend. She’s not magical either – she doesn’t even know magic exists! But when she watches Toby get on the wrong bus to school and a ferocious bus driver screams away with Toby on board, Mia’s world is about to change too.

How to Survive Your Magical Family is an exciting adventure filled with mystery, cats, friendship, and of course, magic!

10+ … and cat lovers of all ages

How to Survive Your Magical Family is available now

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How to Survive Your Magical Family