How to Survive Your Magical Family is the latest novel from Clare Rhoden – coming December 2021, with all the loveable characters, neat plot twists and wrap-around world-building you’ve come to expect.

And magic cats!

How To Survive Your Magical Family

The magic world and the flat world are more connected than we think, because we can’t see the minute intersections of natural forces. Intuition, feelings, talents, skills, gifts – or plain natural magic?

Sixteen-year-old Toby has no magic, apart from communicating with cats. A flat kid in a magic family, he’s determined to be the best flat he can be. When Toby and his sister rescue some cats from a street accident, they find a long-lost arch-cat. They suspect something is about to go very wrong, because arch-cats only appear in times of need.

And things do go wrong. Ten years ago, Toby’s mum disappeared after giving evidence in a court case against a corrupt developer. Now the criminal is out of jail and out for revenge.

cat hiding
Meet the magical cats fighting evil across history

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