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Time for Leadership

Lion as leader

Leadership in Fiction

What makes a great leader?

In difficult times, we look to our leaders to guide us to safety and security.

Wow, do we ever need good leaders in 2020!

Writing about leadership

A few days ago, I featured on the Hist Fic Chic website. I wrote a guest post about leadership in fiction.

This is something I studied for my PhD. At that time, I was looking at how leaders are portrayed in World War I fiction. In this post I summarised the heroes of Shakespeare’s tragedies. Leadership is a topic that has intrigued us down the ages.

What about Shakespeare?

To see my take on King Lear, Macbeth, Henry V and co, please visit this blog:

Historical Leadership in Fiction: Writing Great Leaders by Clare Rhoden

The Stars in the Night

The Stars in the Night: Australian WWI fiction

Mine host

My grateful thanks to HistFicChickie for featuring me and my WWI novel,

The Stars in the Night.


Twitter: ‎@histficchickie

Website:   (‘a nest of historical fiction’)


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