Golgotha by Phil Hore

Golgotha by Phil Hore

This is a thoroughly immersive and enjoyable WWI trench murder mystery.

A panoramic start brings us close to the action, and establishes who the British Allies are and how they differ from each other. Yes, Aussies are not the same as Kiwis or Canucks!

Now we meet with a dilemma.  There is a rumour, which may not be a rumour, about a Canadian soldier crucified by the Germans.

Phil Hore gathers together a team of diverse investigators to take us close to the action, uncovering the underbelly of the war. They need to clarify what happened, and to assure the men that their fears are being taken seriously.

This book shirks nothing about the conflict, and cleverly connects historical dots in a well-rounded plot. The characters are warm and distinct, and their motivations are clear.

I enjoyed this book for its well-written, well-constructed take on one of the many legends to grow out of the First War.

If you loved The First Casualty by Ben Elton, you will very much enjoy this book.

It’s five stars from me!

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