So it begins

Just this week, I have fabulous news that the lovely, lovely Readings Carlton are going to host the launch event for my novel The Pale. Such exciting news! So I’m spending this week making sure that I invite everyone I can think of, anyone who might be even remotely interested in having a glass of wine, hearing me read a page from the book, and watching me sign copies! More details as they come to hand 🙂

One of the best-est things about Readings (as if thousands of books, masses of music, fabulously useful book reviews and conversible, knowledgable staff isn’t enough!) is The Readings Foundation, to which they devote 10% of their profits. To date, Readings has contributed over $120,000 to causes that pormote literacy and education to the most disadvantaged groups in our society. Gotta love that!

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!

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