Last Word of the Week: Tom Williams

Today we’re speaking with Tom Williams, English author of Napoleonic-era derring-do novels who can also dance a mean tango. We like the cut of his jib.

LWOTW: Welcome, Tom. Tell us, when did you write your first story?

I won a short story competition when I was 11. I presumably wrote something before that, but I can’t remember.

LWOTW: Congrats on the early success! What do you think of dreams, imagination, and planning?

You need all three.

LWOTW: I totally agree. What’s the highlight of your writing career so far?

‘The White Rajah’ was briefly #2 in’s list for biographical fiction. I felt pretty good about that.


LWOTW: What are you most busy with at the moment?

This minute I’m replying to a questionnaire. After that I’ll probably do some more research on Napoleon.

Napoleon crossing the Alps by Jacques Louis David – Bonaparte franchissant le Grand Saint-Bernard, 20 mai 1800 – Google Art Project.jpg


LWOTW: Very good idea! Now, if you could say one thing to aspiring writers, what would it be?

You’ll be permanently broke, constantly failing to get any real work done and cursing your failure to make #1 in the biographical fiction charts. But if you really have what it takes to be a writer, you’ll ignore me and write anyway.

That is wonderful advice!

And the Last Word of The Week: What’s your favourite colour?



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