Remembrance Day

On December 1, my WWI novel will be released.

The Stars in the Night is the product of my many years of research into Australian WWI literature, and of course my love of narrative.

History is a story, when all is said and done.

Like the Southern Cross constellation, Australia at the time of the Great War was a significant and enduring feature of the southern hemisphere, but was relatively unknown in the northern hemisphere.

The Anzacs changed that. They became better known than our southern bright stars.

My book is dedicated to their sacrifice, endeavor, and legacy. They were a mixed bunch of fellows, ranging from godly teetotallers and idealistic heroes to raffish no-hopers and irreverent likely lads. In between was the majority of ordinary, decent, naive and complacent everyday blokes, every one of whom volunteered to serve. Among the many reasons they signed up, one stands clear: they wanted to participate in the war which would ‘end all wars’.

A century on, we’re still searching for a way to do just that.

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!

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