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Writer Stephen Edger hails from the north-east of England, but now lives in Southampton. That’s where most of his *quite scary* psychological and crime novels are set. Stephen uses his insider knowledge to deliver realistic and unsettling suspense on every page. I’m particularly chilled by the hook for his latest book Till Death Us Do Part: ‘The wedding vows are exchanged, now the NIGHTMARE begins…’ Yikes.

Welcome to Last Word of the Week, Stephen. It’s great to meet you.

Thanks for having me!

Can you tell us something about yourself that you think anyone who reads your books really ought to know?

I’m not as sick and twisted as the characters in my books. In fact, I’m quite a normal guy. I’m married with two fabulous children and two West Highland Terriers. That said, I’m a huge fan of dark and twisting thrillers, whether books or in film. To date I’ve published 18 books, a mixture of series and standalone stories, psychological suspense and crime thrillers.

Phew, that’s good to know. You look like a normal guy, but so do some of your villains! What is your favourite scene from your own writing? Why?

10. FragmentsThe opening to my tenth novel Fragments appears to be a romantic scene with a man making his partner a candle-light supper, but by the end of the scene it’s apparent that she is in fact being held against her will. I love how the reader’s lens changes so swiftly, and that it clearly sets up the tone of the story.

Stephen Edger Author
Stephen Edger Author

Oooh, scary. That’s going straight to my TBR list. Can you think of any books and/or writers who inspired you on your path to be an author? Can you tell us about that?

I was an avid reader of James Elroy and John Grisham as a teenager, but it was when I first read Relentless by Simon Kernick that I decided I wanted to write something that kept me turning the pages as much as that did. When I did start writing, I contacted Simon through his website and he was kind enough to answer my questions about writing and encouraged me to give it a go. I think had he not responded I never would have completed my first novel.

Since I started writing, I’ve now made so many friends within the writing and blogging community, and all are so supportive of one another.

That’s a great story. It’s wonderful how supportive the writing community can be. I definitely agree – it’s always worth asking. Now, take yourself back ten years – what would you like to tell yourself?

I didn’t know I wanted to write ten years ago (I started my first novel in September 2010), so I would probably tell myself to start. I’m still a youngish man (37), but my biggest regret is not realising I had a talent for writing sooner. I’d also tell myself to read lots and lots of different writers to determine how I wanted to write.

Ahem. Very young indeed! What’s next for you in the world of writing?

The paperback of my latest novel Till Death Do Us Part was published in July 2019. I am currently working on a new psychological thriller for my publishers Harper Collins, which should be released in 2020. I can’t say too much about it yet, but it’s a typically dark and twisting psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.

18. Til Death Do Us Part

It sounds terrifying! And finally: Who would you be if you were a fictional character – one of yours, or someone else’s?

If I could be any fictional character it would absolutely be James Bond! I’ve loved the films from an early age, and have more recently read the original Fleming novels. I love Bond’s ability to stay calm in the face of such adversity, which is in stark contrast to my own flapping the moment stress rises a fraction above the norm.

Excellent choice! A cool character of elegance, style and action. Perfect choice to face the perils of dark thrillers! Thanks so much for sharing the Last Word with me, James, I mean, Stephen.

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