Magic Cats rule October

character cats drawn by Elena Buyanova

The magical cats are coming!

This October I’m collaborating with local art school Art Academica. We are running a competition for two groups of teenage artists. Their task: create a portrait of one of the characters in How to Survive Your Magical Family.

While most of the characters in How to Survive Your Magical Family are magical, it’s the cats who make the story purr.  One Art Academica’s talented teachers, Elena Buyan, prepared the feature image for the start of Term 4 classes.

Here it is again for your enjoyment. Who’s your favourite?

character cats drawn by Elena Buyanova
Magical Cats by artist Elena Buyan

Next Monday, I will have the great pleasure of speaking with the young artists in a Q&A session for each group. I’ve heard that many of them create their own stories. I can’t wait to hear what they might ask me. More importantly, I can’t wait to see their portraits of my fantasy creations. Especially Toby, Mia, and all the cats.

I’m going to ask their permission to share their works online. So keep watching this space. In between, enjoy these photos With me is Art Academica founder and director,  and all-round creative, Taya Danchenko.

artist and author
Here I am with Art Academica’s Taya Danchenko
artist and author read book
Artist Taya Danchenko and I have a look at the magic inside the book

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!

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